Crucibles + molds

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  • Katanax fluxers accept standard crucibles with the following characteristics:

    • Capacity: 30 ml
    • Straight-walled
    • Height: 32 mm
    • Outer diameter: 40.5 mm
    • Made of 95%Pt-5%Au (borate fusions), or 100% zirconium (peroxide fusions)
    • Standard or reinforced
  • As for the molds, our fluxers accept common round molds:

    • Depth: 6 mm
    • Inner base diameter: 30 to 40 mm
    • Outer rim diameter: 39 to 49 mm

We buy your scrap platinum !

Katanax will acquire scrap platinum accessories for 88 percent of their metal value, with no additional charges.

…a few dusty crucibles in the bottom of your drawers could so cover the cost of your new fluxer!