Colour Meter CC-i

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Color metres with higher measurement accuracy have always been more expensive. Long-term stability, good accuracy, ease of operation, and a fair price are what customers really desire from colour metres.

Color Cute I is made up of three different “?s:” integration of unique abilities required for colour metres, a breakthrough innovation capable of overturning any preconceived notions about colour metres, and its identity as the next generation of colour metres.


1. Stablllty
      Best in class stability
2. Operablilty
      Popular colour touch panel
3. Features
      A wide range of functions with simple data  management.
4. Size
      Optical and measuring components in a small package.
5. Price 
     The best value for money in its class.

Colour Cute i summary

The Colour Cute I is a photoelectric tristimulus colorimeter that can measure both reflection and transmittance. It also takes pride in its capacity to withstand repeated testing and long-term stability. The reflection measurement geometry is reception at 8 degrees with diffused illumination. The device can be set to measure with or without specular reflection light (8°: de or 8°: di), allowing for precise measurement of specimens with significant specular components. The colour measuring condition can be changed between C light with a 2° observer angle, De light with a 10° observer angle, and Das light with a 2° observer angle. A colour touch panel is fitted for the first time in its class, allowing easy measurement operation for all users. It also comes with a printer, USB interface for data transmission, Excel transfer software, and a range of configuration categories, all for a considerably lower price. 

Character stcs of Colour Cute i