Cement Testing Instrument


The air permeability tester ToniPERM is designed for the determination of the specific surface of powders, especially suitable for the permanent control of manufacturing characteristics in the daily laboratory work according to EN 196 and ASTM C 204.


Automatic mixing of cement, mortar, gypsum and other materials including automated sand and water addition. Standard-compliant operation according to EN 196-1, EN 196-3, EN 480-1, ASTM C305, ASTM C359, ASTM C451, ISO 679 and other standards.


Performance unit for the standard-compliant compaction of cement mortar and other binding materials according to EN 196, DIN 1164, ASTM C109 and other standards


Compact load frame for standardized bending tensile strength tests on mortar samples, especially on prisms 40 x 40 x 160 mm according to EN 196 and ISO 679.


Performance unit for the generation of a defined ambient temperature for the cement calorimeters of the ToniCAL series.


The analyzer TonLIME is designed to determine the content of free, uncombined lime in cement and cement clinker. The operating principle is based on the measurement of the electric conductivity in a solution consisting of cement and hot glycol in comparison with a stored calibration curve.