AMH55 Hardness Testing Systems

Software for Automated Hardness Testing

With LECO’s new AMH55, you can increase your productivity and simply measure impressions on a variety of surfaces for a wide range of applications. The AMH55 adds LECO’s cutting-edge Cornerstone® brand software to our hardness testing platforms, resulting in improved usability, reporting, and analysis times. The AMH55 is a significant resource for users who need precise and productive hardness testing while adapting the data and results to their needs. It supports accurate and efficient microindentation and Macro/Vickers hardness testing in fully automatic, semi-automatic, and light versions.


  • Advanced image recognition technology enables for the study of data that would otherwise be unavailable using threshold-based methods.
  • Measures imprints made on a variety of surfaces, including those that have been scratched, etched, or have uneven illumination.
  • The user has complete control over analytical parameters, method settings, calibrations, reporting, and more with Cornerstone® brand software with available touch-screen interface, allowing testing to be customised to a specific application.