Smart. Accurate. And it's also faster. The Aeros Spectrophotometer is designed to make colour measurement of any sample simple and straightforward.

With the easy and ingeniously built Aeros Spectrophotometer, you may get fast and accurate colour measurement results of extremely textured and non-uniform samples every time.


  • Designed for heavily textured, non-uniform samples
  • Auto-height-positionable and no-contact sensor
  • Industry’s largest, rotating sample platform
  • 5 seconds, 35 measurements, 27.5 square inches of sample measured
  • Industrial touchscreen with modern user interface.
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity


The Aeros Spectrophotometer was designed for the way you work—and the colour samples you need to measure—from the auto-height positioning sensor to the spacious, rotating platform to the sturdy display and sophisticated connection technologies. One touch is all it takes to automatically measure 27.5 square inches in 5 seconds, reducing not only measurement variations but also learning time for operators. You won’t have to waste time on setup or cleanup because it’s a no-contact sensor. So you can focus on sharing the results anyway you want: you can effortlessly print, email, or stream data thanks to the built-in all-in-one technology. That’s brilliant.