XRF- Primus 400

Rigaku’s unique ZSX Primus 400 sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) spectrometer was specifically designed to handle very large and/or heavy samples. Accepting samples up to 400 mm diameter, 50 mm thick and 30 kg mass, this system is ideal for analyzing sputtering targets, magnetic disks, or for multilayer film metrology or elemental analysis of large samples.



XRF with customized sample adapter system

Having the versatility to adapt to your specific sample types and analysis needs, this WDXRF spectrometer is adaptable to various sample sizes and shapes using optional (made to order) adapter inserts. With a variable measurement spot (30 mm to 0.5 mm diameter, with 5-step automatic selection) and mapping capability with multi-point measurements to check for sample uniformity, this uniquely flexible instrument can dramatically streamline your quality control processes.

XRF with available camera and special lighting

Optional real-time camera allows the analysis area to be viewed within software. The operator has complete certainty as to what is being measured.

Traditional WDXRF analytical capabilities

All analytical capabilities of a traditional instrument are retained in this “large sample” variant. Analyze beryllium (Be) through uranium (U) with high-resolution, high-precision WDXRF spectroscopy, from solids to liquids and powders to thin films. Analyze wide composition ranges (ppm to tens of percent) and thicknesses (sub Å to mm). Optionally available is diffraction peak interference rejection, for optimal results for single-crystal substrates. Rigaku ZSX Primus 400 wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) spectrometer complies with industry standards SEMI and CE.

  • Large sample analysis
    • Up to 400 mm (diameter)
    • Up to 50 mm (thickness)
    • Up to 30 kg (mass)
  • Sample adapter system
    • Adaptable to various sample sizes
  • Measurement spot
    • 30 mm to 0.5 mm diameter
    • 5-step automatic selection
  • Mapping capability
    • Allows multipoint measurements
  • Sample view camera (option)
  • General purpose
    • Analyze Be – U
    • Elemental range: ppm to %
    • Thickness range: sub Å to mm
  • Diffraction interference rejection (option)
    • Accurate results for single-crystal substrates
  • Compliance with industry standards
    • SEMI, CE marking
  • Small footprint
    • 50% footprint of the previous model


Outline Elemental range ₄Be – ₉₂U
Optics Wavelength dispersive
X-ray generator X-ray tube End window type, Rh-anode
4 kW
High voltage generator High frequency inverter system
Max. Rating: 4 kW, 60 kV – 150 mA
Spectrometer Maximum sample size 400 mm diameter, 50 mm height, ≤30 kg.
Optional adapters are available for various size
samples with irregular shapes.
Primary X-ray filters Automatic exchanger (Max. 7 filter)
Ni400, Ni40, Al125, Al25 (standard)
Ti, Sn (Diff action interference rejection, optional)
Be30 (Protection of X-ray tube, optional)
Analysis area diaphragm 30, 20, 10, 1, 0.5 mm φ
Crystal exchanger Maximum 10 crystals
Measurement Detector Heavy elements: SC
Light elements: F-PC

Installation requirements

Power 3 phase 200/208 V 50 A,
Single phase 100-240 V 50/60 Hz (PC)
Ground Independent ground with resistance less than 30 Ω
Cooling water Quality: Equivalent to drinking water
Temperature: Lower than 30 ˚C
Pressure: 0.29-0.49 MPa
Flow: More than 5 L/min
Drainage Open drainage
Room temperature 15-28°C with daily variation within ±2˚C
Humidity Lower than 75% RH
Vibration Lower than human sensitive level
P-10 gas Ar 90% Methane 10% Mixture gas pressure 0.15 MPa


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