Ultimate-Cell stackable Shaking Incubator

Labwit has been thriving to innovate and is now able to offer our latest and comprehensive solution for microbial, mammalian and plant cell incubation needs, the inspiring ZWYC-290A Ultimate-cell Stackable Shaking Incubator.

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Intuitive Touch Screen Panel

Integrated: Comprehensive information available at fingertips. The screen panel clearly indicates all basic operational parameters, such as temperature, speed and timer; as well as the optional parameters, for example, humidity level, and CO2 concentration just in one page.

User friendly: Graphic user interface, easy to operate with icons and prompts, which makes it easy change the operating parameters settings, even those multi set points under programmable mode intuitively.

Intelligent: Self diagnostic alarm system monitors all functions and parameters and prompts in case of errors, which are clearly indicated in the touch screen panel.

Quin Drive Self Balance Driving System

Innovated Quin Drive system ensures smooth and reliable orbital shaking movement with a speed between 30-300rpm, even when there is imbalanced or maximum loading on the shaking platform. To achieve the maximized flexibility for all applications requiring optimized oxygen transfer rate, the shaking diameter can be steplessly adjusted from 1-50mm. Long life brushless motor provides consistent and no vibration shaking motion, maintenance free and low heat emissions.

Excellent Temperature Controlling System

New solid polyurethane casing optimizes the insulation of the chamber, Together with the sound air circulation system and PID controller ensures evenly distributed air flow as well as accurate and uniformed temperature control across the chamber.

Sound cooling system with CFC free refrigerant and automatic defrosting system ensures long term stable operation at as low as 4°C, or 20°C lower than ambient.

Microprocessor Controller provides unmatched versatility by enabling users to create personalized program (with up to 9 segment, with cycles) to automate changes to function parameters.


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