ATOC Software

Data storage and remote control of multiple TOC analyzers.

Aurora 1030 TOC Analyzers include a CD containing basic software that supports data transfer from an instrument to a PC. Aurora 1030 Analyzer settings enable the Data Transfer Service (DTS) to send data to a computer running this basic PC software. The Data Gathering Service (DGS) in the PC collects incoming data and sends a .csv file to a storage location for data retrieval by a LIMS system. If the operator does not use a LIMS system, data files can be accumulated by changing the filename before initiating each analysis run. The resulting data files can be manually accessed, selected, and transferred into Excel spreadsheets.



ATOC is a Windows®-based software package that provides enhanced, fully automated data management capability. The software is specifically designed to automate data collection, analysis, reporting and storage in a LAN/LIMS environment. ATOC software consists of four modules; TOC Launchpad, TOC DGS, Security and Auditing Manager and TOC Reporter.


Network connection for data storage and remote control of multiple TOC analyzers21 CFR Part 11 data handling, security, auditing, and reporting with multilevel user-access controlsCustomer and sample ID tracking for trending and reportingCustomized report generation with management review and approval capability


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