1088 Rotary TOC Autosampler

No additional bench space is required to enhance the productivity of the Aurora 1030 TOC Analyzers.

The 1088 Rotary Autosampler is specifically designed to operate with an Aurora 1030 TOC analyzer. The 1088 autosampler aspirates liquid samples from vials and transfers each sample aliquot to an Aurora 1030 TOC analyzer for analysis. A removable 88-position autosampler tray loads the sample vials for fully automated, unattended operation.



The 1088 supports a number of special functions to address a range of sample conditions and analysis requirements. Onboard magnetic stirring ensures samples containing insoluble components or particles are homogeneous for sampling and accurate analysis. Septum piercing provides closed vial sampling for applications where open vials may comprise the accuracy of measurements. System configuration for sample pretreatment allows pre-acidification and purging of samples within the 1088 prior to sampling. This technique removes the TIC content of samples, reducing the analysis time required for TOC measurements.


Automates introduction of 88 samples to the Aurora 1030 TOC AnalyzerConfigurable for pre-acidication and sparging of sample TIC content within the autosampler to reduce TOC analysis timePerforms programmable rinse steps via an integral wash station to clean the sampling needle and prevent cross-contaminationMagnetic stirring ensures insoluble and particulated samples are homogeneous for accurate resultsFits directly under the Aurora 1030 TOC analyzer to minimize laboratory benchspace requirementsSupports sampling from open vials and septum piercing of sealed vials


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