Thermodilatometry (TDL) is a thermal analysis technique in which a constant load is applied to a sample, and the amount of expansion and/or shrinkage of the sample is measured during heating.




TDL8411 adopts Rigaku’s established reputation on differential expansion principle where the thermal expansion or shrinkage generated from the detection mechanism itself can be cancelled. It offers high accuracy and excellent reproducibility in expansion and shrinkage measurements, even with low expansion materials and samples with low-thickness.

Automatic length determination function is available where the smple length is automatically measured and can be registered. It facilitates the operation for the continuous measurement.

We can set maximum 24 samples and aside from continuous measurements, it can also perform single measurement as well as interrupt-a-sequence measurement.


Measurement method Compression loading method
Type Standard
Detection system Differential expansion method
Standard sample size 5 mm diameter (max 9 mm diameter)
Length: 10 – 20 mm
Material of support pipe and detection rod SiO2
Maximum load 1000 mN
Measurement temperature range Ambient to 1100°C
Maximum heating rate 100°C/min
Measurement range (FS) 5000 µm
Measurement atmosphere Air, inert gas or gas flow
Auto sample changer 30 samples


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