DSC is a thermoanalytical technique in which the difference in the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a sample and reference is measured as a function of temperature. DSC can be used to measure a number of characteristic properties of materials. Using this technique it is possible to observe fusion and crystallization events as well as glass transition temperatures and can be also used to study oxidation, as well as other chemical reactions.



It is widely used in industrial settings as a quality control instrument due to its applicability in evaluating sample purity and for studying polymer curing.

Basically, Rigaku has the lineup of two kinds of heat-flex DSC meeting market needs: standard type and high-temperature type. The standard DSC has further an extensive lineup of cooling systems.

We can set maximum 24 samples and aside from continuous measurements, it can also perform single measurement as well as interrupt-a-sequence measurement.

  • High sensitivity, high performance and low noise, realized by a compact furnace
  • Quick gas substitution enabled by compact furnace
  • Remarkable heating and cooling rates that enhance the efficiency of measurement
  • Safety is emphasized on the entire system
  • Measuring temperature range
    • DSC 8231: -150° to 725° (max. 750°)
      • An optional cooling unit is used for temperatures below ambient
      • Inert gas flow is required for temperatures above 500°
    • DSC 8271: Ambient to 1500°


Model Standard type 8231 High temperature type 8271
Measurement method Heat flux method
Measurement temperature range*1 -150°C – 725°C (up to 750°C) Ambient to 1500°C
Measurement range ±100 µW – ±100 mW ±1 mW – ±100 mW
Maximum heating rate 100°C/min 20°C/min
Noise level (RMS) <0.5 µW <0.5 µW
Measurement atmosphere Air, inert gas, gas flow
Maximum sample amount 100 µL 50 µL
Cooling unit*2 Siphon type, circulator type, LN2auto feed type
Auto sample changer*2 Samples: 24; Reference samples: 3; Calibration samples: 5


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