Shaking Incubators

As the major product range, Labwit shaking incubator has renowned as innovative, intuitive and reliable equipment amongst its competition. These units can be categorized into 4 ranges, from stackable, benchtop, horizontal to double layer models.

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All shaking incubators have state of art microprocessor detection, setting and PID control of both temperature and shaking speed. This allows for maximum:


The set temperature is accurately reflected in the actual temperature inside the incubator. If it deviates from the setpoint, the energy to the heater is precisely regulated to adjust the actual temperature back to the setpoint without overshoot.


The temperature uniformity is achieved by 3D forced air circulation. A fan continuously moves the air across the incubator in order to create homogeneous conditions.


Shaking incubators are generally left on for long periods of time. The microprocessor ensures the actual temperature remains stable, even when ambient temperature varies. The AC brushless motor ensures stable shaking movement for the long-term operation, free of maintenance.


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