The WDA-3650 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for thin film evaluation continues Rigaku’s 30-year history of XRF wafer analyzers that has mirrored the history of thin film device development. This latest XRF metrology tool contributes significantly to the process control of metal film thickness, film composition, and element concentration with new functions and a low-COO design.


XRF tool for 200mm wafers

A versatile and reliable tool for 200 mm and smaller wafers, the WDA-3650 incorporates our trademark X-Y-θ sample stage system for superior results on difficult measurements, such as ferrodielectric films. Multiple channels enable simultaneous measurement of multiple elements of interest for high throughput. The high energy resolution of this wavelength-dispersive XRF system, compared to energy-dispersive XRF systems, is especially useful to minimize peak overlap when element peaks are closely spaced.

Superior boron (B) measurement

For boron applications, the available AD-Boron channel provides 5-times greater sensitivity than previous models. The AutoCal function and built-in internal wafer stocker, previously only available on 300mm tools, enable fully-automated daily tool qualification and intensity calibration.

Compact efficient design

The WDA-3650 is extremely compact with the basic unit requiring less than 1 m2 of valuable cleanroom space, and there is no need for side maintenance service access. Power consumption has been reduced more than 20% compared to the previous model.

  • Simultaneous evaluation of film thickness and composition
  • Applicable to all film types
  • Accepts 200mm and smaller wafers and media disks
  • Capable of high analytical performance, accuracy, and stability
  • Patented “diffraction avoidance” capability for accurate XRF results
  • High-sensitivity Boron analysis (with AD-Boron channel)
  • Available auto-calibration function with the optional C-to-C auto loader previously only found on the WaferX 300
  • Oil-free transformer X-ray generator
  • Electric consumption reduced 23% from previous model


  • Sample size: 200mm max.
  • Simultaneous analysis elements: 20 channels max., Fixed type (4Be ~ 92U), Heavy element scan type (22Ti~ 92U)
  • X-ray tube: Rh target, 4kW max.
  • Aperture: 4 selectable among 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 40mm diameter
  • Detector: S-PC, SC, F-PC (PR gas required for F-PC)
  • Sample stage: XY θ stage
  • Analysis spot designation: r, θ designation, r : 1mm step, θ : 1° step; mouse and keyboard input available
  • Sample rotation mechanism: Available for center-point analysis, 6rpm
  • Vacuum pump: Dry pump
  • Stabilizing system: Temperature stabilizer, Automatic vacuum control system
  • Data processing system: PC with Windows 7, Film thickness/concentration simultaneous analysis software, Fundamental Parameters software for thin film analysis
  • Safety standard: Complies with SEMI S2-0310
  • Others: SMIF, through-wall configurations, etc.


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