MicroMax-007 HF

The MicroMax™ 007 HF is the most widely used home lab X-ray source for protein crystallography and a popular source for small molecule crystallographers who need the additional flux of a rotating anode generator. The original MicroMax™ 007 introduced the world to the concept of a sub-100 micron focal spot size along the increased brilliance that can be more effectively used to illuminate small crystals. The current HF version increases the power loading by 50% over the original model providing an X-ray source that rivals second generation synchrotron sources – but with better beam stability and, of course, easy access.


Engineered for Productivity

Productivity can be measured in many ways but the up-time of a system is perhaps one of the most important issues. Unlike competing products, the MicroMax-007 HF was designed with up-time in mind. Filament changes are quick and painless with Rigaku microfocus generators. Superior Rigaku engineering has reduced this service headache to a 45 minute maintenance routine of simply changing a cartridge.

Designed for Flexibility

Featuring a robust direct-drive anode, the MicroMax-007 HF compact tower assembly contains both the vacuum chamber and turbo-molecular pump for fast pump downs. Conveniently mounted on the generator tabletop, the tower may be easily moved for integration with various optics, goniometers and detectors.


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