PILATUS3 R Detectors

Rigaku now offers the PILATUS3 R 200K as the standard detector for Rigaku single crystal systems. PILATUS3 R detectors are true photon counting devices that combine the following features to make them the best commercially available detectors for protein crystallography:

  • the highest sensitivity
  • the lowest readout noise
  • the fastest readout time
  • the lowest point spread function
  • fully air-cooled and maintenance free


Whether you’re collecting data for small or weakly diffracting samples or collecting data for S-SAD phasing, a Rigaku system configured with a PILATUS3 R detector ensures the most accurate data collection for your samples. The PILATUS3 R 200K is also ideal for high throughput screening and ligand binding studies, especially when coupled with an ACTOR automatic sample changer.

PILATUS3 R – Engineered for Efficiency

PILATUS3 R detectors are the most efficient detectors when compared to other CMOS-based detectors. Moreover, they are ideal for the broadest range of crystal types. For example, the exceptionally low noise of PILATUS3 R detectors ensures accurate measurement of reflections from weakly diffracting or small crystal samples. The high dynamic range of PILATUS3 R detectors ensures that strong, low resolution reflections can be measured accurately without risk of saturation. This feature essentially eliminates the need for two data collection passes at long and short exposure times. PILATUS3 R detectors feature extremely fast readout times, on the order of a few milliseconds. This translates to faster experiments and shutterless data collection – the shutter opens once at the start of data collection and closes only at the end. This capability eliminates errors in the diffraction data originating from shutter timing and goniometer stop/starts, which are invariably associated with traditional data collection, and minimizes data collection time.


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