The Game Changer in Microwave Digestion

The ultraWAVE fully endorses our vision in microwave sample preparation: it has already revolutionized and enhanced the way analytical chemists think to sample preparation for trace metal analysis in hundreds of laboratories all over the world.



At the hearth of the UltraWAVE is a Teflon-lined 1 liter stainless steel reaction chamber, which serves both as a microwave cavity and a reaction vessel. Samples are weighed into vials, and suitable reagents are added. Vials are placed in a rack, which is automatically lowered into the reaction chamber. The chamber is sealed and pre-pressurized with inert gas, which physically acts as a cap for the vials, avoiding boiling of the solutions and preventing cross contamination. At the completion of the microwave run, a built-in cooling device rapidly lowers the temperature.

Improved workflow

The UltraWAVE operates up to 199 bar pressure and 300°C. Unlike all conventional microwave digestion systems, every sample is under direct temperature and pressure and temperature control- no needs to rely on a reference vessel or to an indirect control such as infrared temperature sensors. This assures complete control of the digestion process in every sample. All sample types are digested at the same temperature and pressure even with different acid mixtures and volumes. Moreover the UltraWAVE thanks to the Automatic Gas Module further improves the lab throughput.


A thick acrylic shield surrounds the work area, which lowers into position automatically as the chamber is closed. The PID controller monitors pressure, digestion and chamber temperature 20 times/sec, adjusting microwave power to control even highly exothermic reactions.

Fast cooling

At the completion of the microwave run, the UltraWAVE built-in water cooling device enables the temperature to lower from 270°C to 80°C in just 12 minutes. Once the system reach the set cooling temperature, automatically releases the pressure from all the vials simultaneously.

Low operating costs

No vessel assembly/disassembly is required, vessel cleaning is eliminated with disposable glass vials, and method development is virtually eliminated. There are also major savings on consumables costs, which is important for high throughput labs using closed vessel digestion. Racks from 4 to 22 positions are available with vials made of quartz, PTFE/TFM or disposable glass vials, in order to match even very low blanks level. Ask to your local Milestone Specialist the best configuration for your needs.


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