High performance microwave digestion system.The first important step for a successful analysis.

Completely new design

Which are the most important features and the main implications of this completely new ETHOS UP design?


Largest microwave cavity

The new Milestone ETHOS UP microwave cavity has a volume in excess of 70 litres, by far the largest currently available. What are the main implications if this design? Firstly, digestion rotors with more sample places can be accommodated thus improving productivity and throughput. Secondly, the unit is inherently much safer since a larger cavity better contains gases escaping from vessels, should there be a sudden overpressurisation.

Highest power

The ETHOS UP is equipped with two 950 Watt magnetrons for a total of 1900 Watt making it the most powerful microwave digestion system available for sample preparation.The system additionally employs a rotating diffuser that evenly distributes the microwaves throughout the cavity. Very fast heating of high throughput rotors and complete digestion of the most difficult samples is assured.

Highest safety: Reaction sensors

The new ETHOS UP is equipped with the most advanced reaction sensors for complete quality control of the digestion conditions.
Direct temperature and pressure control are used in a reference vessel. In all vessels, contact-less temperature is used where the actual temperature of each and every vessel is continuously shown on the terminal during the microwave run, allowing an instant visual check of the digestion conditions. In addition, a contact-less pressure sensor monitors all vessels simultaneously, preventing any leakage or venting. The sensors ensure complete and safe digestions without any loss of volatile compounds

Highest safety: Pressure-responsive door

The ETHOS UP features a full stainless steel door with an innovative opening and self-resealing mechanism. Should there be a sudden overpressurisation of the cavity, the door slightly opens for rapid and safe pressure release and the microwave power is instantaneously cut off. Immediately afterward, the door is pulled back, resealing the cavity.
For additional safety, an automatic door locking system does not allow the user to open the ETHOS UP door during the microwave run. At the end of the run, the door remains locked until the solutions have cooled down to a user preset temperature.


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