PYRO Sulphate Ashing

Advanced Microwave Muffle Furnace

The new Milestone PYRO is an advanced microwave ashing furnace perfectly suitable for sulphate ashing, loss on ignition (LOI), residue on ignition (ROI), fusion and all types of high-temperature reactions under controlled conditions.



Equipped with a full stainless steel door, the new Milestone PYRO microwave cavity has a volume in excess of 70 liters, thus allowing the use of a large muffle which in turn enhances the sample throughput. Additionally, a large cavity ensures that the outer temperature of the PYRO remains very low, even when the inner temperature of the furnace is in excess of 1.000°C.


The PYRO is equipped with two 950 Watt magnetrons for a total of 1900 Watt making it the most powerful microwave muffle furnace system available in the market. The system additionally employs a rotating diffuser that evenly distributes the microwaves throughout the cavity, assuring a uniform temperature is achieved inside the furnace.


The new Milestone PYRO is equipped with the most advanced yet easy to use temperature sensors for complete control of the ashing conditions. These NIST-traceable sensors allow rapid verification and calibration of the furnace temperature for ISO and GLP procedures.


The PYRO meets or exceeds the equipment requirements for electrically heated furnaces in the following methods: ASTM, USP ROI 281 and LOI 733, AOAC, FDA, ISO and DIN. It also meets or exceeds the requirements for applications listing a microwave heated furnace in the following methods: ASTM D5630-94 and ASTM D1506-94b.


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