The LEXT™ OLS5100 laser scanning microscope offers accuracy with high optical performance enabled by intelligent tools that make the system easy to use. The microscope makes precise measurement of shape and surface roughness at the submicron level quick and easy. It combines a simplified workflow with high-quality data that makes it a highly reliable machine.


Easy Material Engineering and Failure Analysis Experiments

The OLS5100’s smart experiment manager makes submicron 3D observation and failure analysis experiment workflows simpler by automating time-consuming tasks. It auto-creates experiment plans and auto-populates data to the experiment plan matrix, reducing the chance of input errors.

Accurate Measurements

The Smart Lens Advisor in the LEXT microscope helps gather accurate data. Olympus optics reduce aberration to capture the correct shape of your sample throughout the entire field of view. The Smart Lens Advisor helps choose the right objective lens for your roughness measurement.

Easy-Laser Scanning Microscopy

A very thoughtfully designed software makes it easy to operate not only for experienced but also novice users. Acquiring accurate data is as easy as putting the sample on the stage and pressing the start button.


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