Within seconds, the KT-100S handheld metal analyzer easily performs identification of the most difficult alloy grades. KT-100S utilizes laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) enabling durable and accurate alloy identification for use in:

Scrap metal sorting
Quality assurance in metal fabrication
Positive material identification (PMI) in mission-critical operations, such as aerospace and petrochemical


Advanced light element identification

LIBS is more sensitive and better suited for light element detection, such as aluminum (Al), magnesium (Mg), and beryllium (Be). However, reliable LIBS’ analysis of materials with these elements has been very limited and typically confined to a laboratory environment – until now. The handheld KT-100S metal analyzer represents recent technological advancements in laser and spectrometer miniaturization that has rapidly expanded the use of this technique into industrial operations. KT-100S offers an advanced method for easily identifying the most popular Al grades – 1100, 6061 and 6063 – as well as Al and silicon (Si) brasses and bronzes or Be in coppers.
In addition to the analytical performance of LIBS technology, KT-100S reduces the need for regulatory licensing and registration that previous generation analyzers were susceptible to.

Durable versatility

The handheld KT-100S LIBS analyzer is not only a superior aluminum analyzer, it delivers accurate identification of popular grades of stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys, but now with the durability you can count on. KT-100S has successfully passed rigorous durability tests proving its capabilities in the harshest environments. To guarantee protection, KT-100S underwent strict testing to the United States Military Standard 810-G. These tests involved rigorous vibration, shock and drop testing to evaluate its durability and performance when exposed to environmental stress. In addition, its IP-54 rating and safety window protect against dusty and wet environments. As the first handheld analyzer to have passed these tests, it is truly optimized for rugged use. Thus, KT-100S reduces downtime and costs associated to instrument repair known to be common for traditional handheld metal analyzers.

Sophisticated ergonomics

The design and features of the KT-100S handheld LIBS analyzer put it in a class of its own. The ergonomics consist of a pistol-shape for optimal one-handed operation via use of raised buttons or by use of the ‘quick launch’ navigation buttons located near the trigger. The tilt screen allows for the ability to easily read results in any light and can also be operated as a touchscreen. KT-100S is also considerably smaller and lighter than traditional metal analyzers. The unique ‘kick stand’ as a ‘grab and go’ position, provides added convenience.

QuickID™ software

Offering a rapid matrix selection, chemical composition and grade identification is simple and easy to read with QuickID software of KT-100S handheld LIBS. Results are displayed in a simple “match/no match” format that alerts the user of the alloy identification, as well as the elemental composition percentages. Users have the ability to quickly add new alloys to a customized on-board library. KT-100S is also password-protected with an automatic “sleep mode” for improved safety and battery life. Its on-board camera captures images of the metal pieces being analyzed with the ability to transfer data into a report via USB or WiFi..

Drill Down sample surface preparation

The metal found in these types of industrial environments is usually dirty and oxidized. KT-100S features a patent pending Drill Down auto sample surface preparation capability. Users have the ability to ‘drill down’ dynamically and the analyzer will automatically burn through the common imperfections found in the metal to obtain a clean reading.


THE KT-100S HANDHELD LIBS ANALYZER provides a truly ruggedized alternative for more accurate identification of a large number of metal alloys, including aluminum, stainless, copper, titanium, nickel, cupronickel, etc. to ensure higher profitability and product quality.

Advanced Performance
  • Proprietary 1064 nm Class 3B laser excitation with low ocular safety distance (NOCD)
  • Miniature, high resolution, high throughput spectrometer with CMOS detector for optimized performance
  • Spectral range covering the most relevant alloying elements and spectral features
  • User selectable “Drill Down” for surface preparation to enable improved analysis

QuickID™ Software
  • Rapid matrix selection, chemical composition and grade ID with no user input required
  • Password protected with automatic “sleep mode” for improved safety and battery life
  • On-board camera for capturing sample image and bar code reader for easy data entry

Sophisticated Ergonomics
  • Pistol shaped for optimal one-handed operation: 24.3cm L x 8.4cm W x 25.7cm H (9.55”L x 3.30”W x 10.10”H) and weighing~1.5kg (3.25lbs)
  • MIL-STD-810-G certified rugged/drop tested for reduced repair costs
  • IP-54 rated for protection against dust/water for no weather-related delays
  • 3.5” high resolution tiltable screen allows for high visibility in confined spaces and outdoors
  • Choice of user interface:
    • Smartphone-inspired touchscreen provides fast learning curve
    • Large Softkey buttons for one-handed operation while wearing protective gloves
    • Unique “Quick Launch” handle buttons enable one-handed operation

  • Docking station for battery charging
  • Holster for safe keeping when on the move
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 6+ hours of continuous operation
  • Aluminum alloy verification sample

  • USB, WiFi connection for simple viewing and download to any PC or mobile device
  • Easy addition of any alloy grade using Rigaku Library Editor software
  • Generate verification certificates that include company logo, photo, data entry and analysis results

Additional Services
  • On-board System/Calibration verification program
  • Small sample insert for analyzing turnings and other small samples

Other Specifications
  • Certifications: FDA 1040, CE, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturing facility
  • External battery charger: 100~240VAC
  • Operating temperature of 5 to 40°C
  • Warranty of 12 months


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