ColorQuest XT

Designed to measure the transmitted color of transparent liquids, such as resins, solvents and more

The ColorQuest XT is a self-contained transmittance measurement spectrophotometer designed to measure the transmitted color of transparent liquids. Products such as resins, solvents, acids, perfumes and varnishes can be measured using the APHA/PtCo/Hazen and Gardner color scales.


Simplified Color Measurement of Transparent Materials

Measure gasoline, white spirits, kerosene, heating oils, lubricating oils and petroleum waxes using the Saybolt or ASTM D1500 color scales. Beer is measured using the ASBC or EBC scale. The ADMI scale would be used for accurate measurement of dyestuff in wastewater.

The ColorQuest XT has a large sample compartment that is open on three sides for easy access and includes a transmission-cell holder that precisely positions transmission cells. The system has a large, adjustable, back-lit display that can be read in any lighting environment. This display uses touch screen technology for simplicity of operation. Prompts appearing on the display are simply touched with a finger to initiate the action.

ColorQuest XT eliminates the subjectivity of visual comparison methods, allows for greater sensitivity and maximizes repeatability.


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