ColorQuest XE

ColorQuest XE is a color measurement spectrophotometer at an economical price.

It can be used in production or in the laboratory for inspecting raw materials and evaluating finished product. Use it to measure opaque, transparent and translucent solids and liquids for properties such as reflected color, opacity, strength, transmitted color, APHA and haze.


The Economical Color Measurement Spectrophotometer

Solid samples are easily positioned and supported at the reflectance port with the ergonomically designed sample clamp. The clamp pulls down a full 180º, and can be pulled out in small steps or removed entirely to accommodate thick samples. The spacious transmission compartment is open on three sides and has access from either side and from the top. It accommodates thin films, sheets, solids and transmission cells with path lengths up to 80 mm.

ColorQuest XE uses diffuse/8º geometry with automated specular component inclusion/exclusion. For transmission measurement, the use of a robust CIE-conforming sphere instrument (TTRAN Total Transmission mode) effectively negates the effects of minor scattering typically found in transparent samples. The optical system has an effective bandwidth of 10 nm and spectral data is reported every 10 nm. Tristimulus color calculations are performed from 400 nm to 700 nm.


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