ColorFlex EZ Tomato

Specifically designed to measure tomato color in its every processed form.

Like all members of the ColorFlex EZ family of products, the ColorFlex EZ Tomato is specifically built to meet and exceed your color measurement needs. Every ColorFlex EZ Tomato comes with 60 years of color quality control experience and innovation by HunterLab, the world’s true measure of color.

Using a 45º/0º geometry, the easy-to-use ColorFlex EZ Tomato provides you with the highest level of color quality control. The ColorFlex EZ Tomato is specifically designed to measure tomato color in its every processed form – paste/purée, sauce, catsup, juice, as well as fresh tomatoes.


Tomato color scales provided in firmware include:

  • Tomato Paste Score (TPS)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Score (TSS)
  • Tomato Catsup Score (TCS)
  • Tomato Juice Score (TJS)
  • a/b ratio
  • Fresh Tomato Color Index (FTCI)
New to this version:

Lycopene Index and other important color scales, including Hunter L,a,b color and CIE L*a*b* color, are also provided within the firmware, allowing for the capability to also use your ColorFlex EZ Tomato to measure the reflected color of a wide range of non-tomato samples – liquids, semisolids, powders, and solids. Inside its optional, custom designed, watertight carrying case will be everything you will need to immediately start measuring tomato color values.

  • ColorFlex EZ Tomato instrument
  • Complete set of calibration & diagnostic tiles
  • BCR-400 Tomato tile
  • 2 glass sample cups
  • Port insert for sample cup
  • Sample cup opaque cover


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