Colorflex ez citrus

The ColorFlex EZ Citrus eliminates the subjectivity of visual methods and gives reproducible objective measurements. In addition to the citrus values, the instrument can also measure in terms of the Hunter Lab scale as well as other widely used color scales. Thus the system can also be used to measure the reflected color of virtually any opaque or semi-opaque liquid.


The system comes complete with a sample tube holder, stand, clamp and a calibrated plastic O.J. standard. The instrument has a large, easy-to-read display and a sealed keypad. It occupies only 6′ of bench space. The system is very easy to use. In practice, the juice sample is poured into a test tube or capped tube. The tube is inserted into the instrument tube holder. By pressing one button on the instrument the measurement is made. CN (Citrus Number), CR (Citrus Redness) and CY (Citrus Yellowness) will simultaneously be displayed. The ColorFlex EZ Citrus can be connected to a printer if hard copy data is desired.


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