Plastometer PL 2000

The PL 2000 Coal Plastometer is a fully automatic system for determination of fluidity of coal by the Gieseler method according to ASTM D 2639 and ISO 10329 Standards.



Both methods described in the Standards give a relative measure of the plastic behaviour of coal when heated at constant rate, under prescribed conditions.

Fluidity of coal is obtained applying a constant torque on a stirrer placed in a crucible loaded with the coal, heating the crucible in a molten solder bath furnace and recording stirrer movement on a dial drum graduated into 100 divisions, D.D.P.M. (Dial Division per Minute) in relation to increase of temperature.

All the analysis procedure, even up and down movement of the crucible, is automatic: the operator needs only to mount the crucible and to start the system.

The double furnace system productivity is considerably increased due to the reduction of heating and cooling waiting times.

Once started, PL 2000 will preheat the furnace, check the correct loading of the sample, lower the crucible, restore the start temperature, raise the temperature at uniform rate and carry out the fluidity test.

Drum dial movement is recorded by means of an optical encoder with a resolution of 0.2 D.D.P.M.

Furnace temperature together with fluidity readings are displayed and printed out during the test.


Working temperature 260 ÷ 600 °C
Temp. rise rate set 0.5 ÷ 9.9 °C/min
Stirrer Motor speed 300 or 1,000 rev/min
Hysteresis brake Torque range 15 ÷ 100 g.inch
Solder bath stirrer in the plastometer head
Crucible movement fully automatic
Temperature display °C
Fluidity display 0.2 ÷ 100,000 D.D.P.M.
Fluidity resolution 0.2 D.D.P.M.
Data print interval 60 sec
Alphanumeric printer non impact type
System diagnostics automatic at start up
Host computer interface RS 232 C
Power supply (single furnace) 230 / 120 V 0.8 kVA max
Power supply (double furnace) 230 / 120 V 1.6 kVA max


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