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  • Any sample preparation technique can be used.
  • Ability to use single-path or multi-path analytical cell depending on the task (background measurement or analysis of highly contaminated waste water).
  • Mercury determination without gold amalgam pre-concentration.
  • Wide dynamic measurement range more than 3 exponent (without sample dilution).
  • Detection limit is on background level of mercury content in natural waters.
  • Visualization of the process of Hg coming from the sample, user-friendly interface.
  • Calibration stability (it’s necessary to check the stability once a day).
  • Possibility to carry out field analysis without a PC.
  • Measurement of low Hg concentration in drinking and natural water, foodstuffs.
    Control of Hg content in wastewater and washouts.
  • Mercury determination in blood, urine and other liquid samples.

SAXS/WAXS with broad experimental range

RA-915M mercury analyzer with RP-92 attachment is used for determination of mercury concentration in liquid samples (water, blood, urine).

RP-92 attachment is intended to transfer bound Hg from ion to atomic form using “cold vapor” technique.

SubjectDetection limit, µg/lSampling, ml

Measurement procedure

Preliminary mineralization should be carried out by accepted procedure (ISO 5667, 7470, etc.).

Add reduction solution into the bubbler. When integration is on after stabilization of an analytical signal, insert mineralized sample into the reaction vessel. Integration will be finished when the analytical signal goes back to the baseline. Results of analysis of a blank sample should be taken into account.


Is based on the absorption of the 254-nm resonance radiation by mercury atoms using Zeeman correction for background absorption.


RA-915M mercury analyzer with RP-92 attachment can be used in ecology, sanitary, medicine, and geological-geochemical survey.

Control of mercury content in:

  • waste, natural, and dinking waters;
  • foodstuffs;
  • biological objects (urine, hair, blood, etc.) for diagnosis of risk groups.

Occupational pathology and toxicology surveys:

  • screening population survey;
  • instrumental monitoring of medical treatment of mercury intoxication and further rehabilitation.

Mercury pollution monitoring:

  • monitoring of a demercurization process involving any chemical reagents;
  • quality assurance of the demercurization;
  • determination of mercury content in washouts;
  • determination of mercury content in surface and ground waters.
  • RA-915M mercury analyzer;
  • RP-92 attachment;
  • RA-915M software.

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