Ethos Lean Compact Microwave Digestion System for Superior Elemental Analysis

Laboratories that do elemental analysis across various industries use microwave digestion systems to carry out their analysis on agricultural samples, food samples, pharmaceutical samples, etc. The need for a superior, compact, and cost-effective solution among laboratories with limited throughput has risen in recent times. ETHOS™ LEAN has been categorically developed to conduct high-quality closed-vessel acid digestion for these labs. Whether you are looking to set up a new lab or improve your existing facility, it is just the system you need to prepare samples economically and take your lab analysis to the next level.


This new system offers a multitude of advantages in its use for sample preparation for elemental analysis, listed below:

Robust Design: The Ethos Lean has durable hardware which is highly dependable to work with, at high temperatures. It has a stainless steel cavity with a corrosion-resistant topcoat with easy-to-use smart software. It works perfectly from first use and does not require to be reconfigured or adjusted. So if you are looking to get your lab up and running quickly the ETHOS LEAN is the perfect choice of tool for elemental analysis, from the get-go.


Compact and Cost-Effective: Ethos Lean takes half of the conventional microwave footprint. It is a great investment if you are looking for a reliable microwave digestion system that uses best-in-class technology and is reasonably priced.


User-friendly Interface

The Ethos Lean interface is packed with hundreds of built-in methods for working with various matrices. Its smart software, easyControl includes a variety of pre-fed applications, including all US EPA methods virtually eliminating any need for method development, which saves the user a lot of processing time. The device is also equipped with a backlit logo which indicates the status of the digestion process further simplifying the use. The hardware features a full-color touchscreen display and the software is multilingual and permits the user to save the method and run it as pdf files.


Unique Vessel Design

The Ethos Lean features a MAXI-14 rotor with 14 high-purity PTFE-TFM vessels. The large vessel volume enables you to test a range of masses of the samples at high temperature and pressure. The unique vessel design simplifies the rotor handling enabling a fast and trouble-free vessel assembly. The vent-and-reseal technology acts as an individual pressure release mechanism that ensures safety. The maxi14 motor together with the easyTemp temperature control and easyControl software gives this product a wide range of application capabilities.


Advanced Reaction Control

The easyTEMP contactless sensor provides accurate temperature monitoring of the samples to ensure full digestion and superior safety in all the vessels. This technology has an in-situ temperature sensor that gives the readings as fast and as accurately as possible combined with an infrared sensor which gives flexibility. The easyTemp sensor provides complete and safe digestions without any loss of volatile compounds and high digestion quality.


Maxi 14 Rotor: The Ethos Lean features a high-performance rotor packed with 14 high-purity PTFE-TFM vessels covered in a robust shield to withstand high temperature and pressure. The unique vessel design makes rotor handling easy and enables trouble-free vessel assembly. Vent-and-reseal technology in each of the 14 high-volume vessels acts as an individual pressure release mechanism making them safer. This new and improved rotor works in perfect synergy with an easy tempo temperature sensor and easyControl software control to ensure safe digestion of a wide range of matrices.


easyTemp: easyTemp is a contactless sensor configured in the Ethos Lean devices to control and monitor the temperature of all the samples. It provides accurate temperature data to ensure superior safety and complete digestion of all 14 samples without loss of any volatile compounds. This technology combines the speed and precision of an in-situ sensor and the flexibility of an infrared sensor all in one. The Maxi 14 rotor and easyTemp sensors work in tandem to offer improved productivity and allow enhanced control on the process of digestion in each vessel.


easyControl: A smart software and user interface saves not only time but can also be operated with some basic training, saving cost. easyControl software is an important part of the Ethos Lean terminal configuration as it comes pre-loaded with hundreds of applications, including all US EPA methods. This eliminates any need for going through a tedious method development process. The Ethos Lean also has a backlit logo that indicates the stage of the digestion process that the machine is running in, further simplifying the workflow. The hardware includes a full-color touch screen display which makes it easy to take readings. These readings can further be printed or saved as PDF files along with the entire method. This icon-driven multilingual software increases the overall ease of use for this high-tech product.

Stepwise Operation of Ethos Lean

  1. Choose the method suitable for your sample from the list of pre-fed methods in the machine.
  2. Follow the guidelines reflected on the Ethos Lean user Interface for your sample of choice.
  3. Weigh the sample
  4. From the list of recommended reagents, choose your reagent. The machine ensures minimum reagent consumption.
  5. The unique 3 component vessels are ready to be loaded, close the vessels.
  6. Introduce the rotor into the Ethos Lean for initiating the digestion process.
  7. Start the selected method
  8. easyTemp controls the temperature in all positions
  9. easyControl software controls all digestion parameters
  10. The exclusive design of the Maxi 14 Rotor simplifies vessel handling. Remove the rotor, with ease.
  11. Open the vessels
  12. Rinse the vessel with distilled water
  13. Transfer to a dedicated flask and dilute
  14. Your sample is completely digested and ready for analysis


A wide range of applications are covered by the Ethos Lean compact microwave digestion system, some of them are listed as follows:



Cannabis heavy metals testing includes a wide variety of matrices starting from the growth process to the final processed material. The sample preparation of cannabis matrices generates strong reactions even with moderate sample masses. The most common acids used are nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.



There is a wide variety of environmental samples. Their sample preparation requires moderate conditions and they often present limited reactivity due to the low amount of organic content. The US EPA method provides clear guidance on how to approach these samples for elemental analysis.



There is a wide variety of compositions such as carbs, proteins, sugars, and fat content in food matrices which cause different reactions during the digestion process. The sample mass and digestion temperature are dependent on the composition type. The most common reagents are nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide.



Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical sample preparations handle both finished products and raw materials. Most of these samples have moderate-high reactivity as they are fully organic. The most common acids in Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical samples are nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.



Agricultural samples have medium to high reactivity while the temperature and sample mass id directly dependant on the type of sample being used.


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