Multielement oil analyzer


MOA II Plus was designed specifically for elemental analysis of lubricating oils, transmission fluids, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and greases for wear metals, contaminants, additives, and corrosive impurities.

An atomic emission spectrometer employing the rotating disk electrode (RDE) technique, the MOA II Plus is the ideal primary analytical tool for machine condition monitoring programs based on oil analysis. It was designed to measure trace quantities of elements, that are either in solution or suspended as fine particles.

By providing a complete analysis in 30 seconds, and with a low cost of ownership, the MOA II Plus is perfect to enable operations - with limited space and resources - to do their own oil analysis. This eliminates the time, expense and unpredictable delays associated with sending samples to remote or centralized labs. Download a MOA II Plus brochure (PDF file).