The X-5000 

Unites Laboratory EDXRF with True Field Portability

The Olympus X-5000™ is engineered to provide safe and superior in-the-field energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis. Functioning as a portable laboratory, this high-powered instrument is equipped with a secure closed-beam sample chamber and flexible analytical software that features a wide range of factory default and user-defined calibrations. The X-5000 offers the performance and safety of traditional benchtop EDXRF, merged with the cost-effective benefits and ruggedness of proven, portable XRF technology.

  • Integrated, portable EDXRF analyzer for fast, easy-to-use performance for immediate action in the field, on production lines, or in inspection areas.
  • Battery operated and easy to carry, ergonomic design make it a perfect choice for field use.
  • Fully integrated PC and industrialized touch screen for user-friendly operation.
  • Large, enclosed testing chamber readily handles assorted objects, standard XRF lab cups, liquid sample bottles, and bagged samples.
  • Full interlocked and closed-beam X-ray system provides users the advantages of XRF analysis in a safe portable unit.